Personal Trainers

We appreciate that each individual has different goals and we will use our expertise to get the best out of each of your personal needs to get the results you want. As personal trainers we are better equiped to identify your strengths and weaknesses so we can design you a tailored programme that challenges you every hour of the day. Technique and good form play a big role in our exercise programme, this ensures a much more focused routine and a more productive experience.

Whatever we throw at you the camaraderie between yourselfs and the trainers will make the most challenging tasks enjoyable. Nothing builds team spirit like pushing yourself; triumphing over the odds and doing things you never thought possible.


At Blast Boot Camp you will experience a completely unique approach to exercise. Our schedule consists of several components covering all aspects of training such as cross fit, circuit training, kettlebells and Boxercise/ Kickboxing. Team building and problem solving also play a big part in our program including Log runs, SAQ, Tyres, Sandbags, Team games and Assault courses.


Blast Bootcamp takes place at various locations. We train in and around the coastline and beaches of Anglesey, the beautiful countryside of Saddleworth and Salford Quays. All these locations will provide stunning scenery with many landmarks that you will be able to see up close and personal.


Throughout your training you'll wear heart-rate monitors so we can assess your ideal training zones and monitor the calories you're burning. Along with the latest software we know precisely the content and break down of all our foods making sure all your nutrient requirements are met. Therfore we will know exactly your calorie intake and what calories are being burnt giving you more reliable feedback.

At the end of your stay we will present you with a precise breakdown of total fat burnt giving an accurate result of all your hard work. To help you continue exercising and eating well we will provide you with training and nutritional programs to fit into your everyday routine.

With over 20 years experience in the sport and fitness industry and our passion for getting results we've created Blast Bootcamp to provide you with the complete fitness package.