About us

We have taken over 20 years experience from the fitness industry and sport. With this and our passion for getting results we created Blast Boot camp to provide a complete package. Our common goal is to empower all of you, using the right training techniques and a balanced diet we will improve your mental and physical state.

As your trainers are the co owners of blast boot camp we take huge pride in making sure we deliver the ulitmate boot camp experience. Having trained in sport professionally we understand the commitment and dedication that is required to achieve your personal goals. We appreciate that we are only the spark for a longer term approach to a healthier lifestyle.

During your stay, you'll be challenged to achieve things you never thought possible. In the process, you'll drop weight, burn fat, lose inches, raise your fitness levels and increase your strength and stamina.

Our expertise

Areas of expertise include weight management, toning and definition, specialist group exercise, sports specific training, sports rehabilitation and postural assessment.

Being qualified sports and remedial therapists gives us a greater insight into the way the human body works. With these skills and enhanced knowledge we will get the most out of you whilst ensuring you avoid injury and perform to your best.

During our longer bootcamps a mixture of Swedish and sports massage will be included. These therapies are an effective way for releasing muscle tension and removing lactic acid build up. Using these techniques we will treat any muscular imbalances that might cause discomfort or impede performance.

As personal Trainers we are better equipped to identify your strengths and weaknesses so we can design you a tailored program that challenges you every hour of the day.